As a professional basketball player with over 10-years experience, I have learned that training, not only with a team, but by yourself is what separates being good from being GREAT. With basketball being a team sport we take a unique approach by making our training sessions interactive. By using a buddy system you will be paired with no more than three people at a time. We make sure our groups are small and intimate so that we maximize each drill and every rep. Having partners allows you to tackle every drill at game speed offensively and defensively. So grab a buddy or two and sign up below! 




I’m here to tell you that you can be a professional basketball player. But first you can become an elite college basketball player. Everyone can, but NOT everyone will. You have to be willing to find motivation within yourself. Motivation comes from private conversations with yourself. Anyone can cheer you on and try to push you BUT if you cannot push yourself to do the things you should to be doing when you should be doing them, then its going to be a long road ahead.  At Ajavonelite Basketball Training we’re here to give you all the tools necessary to put you in a position to be successful.  We MOTIVATE!



I’m Matee Ajavon and I’m the founder and owner of AjavonElite Basketball Training. I’m also here to guide you on the road to success. I’ve been there. I’ve been blessed to have people guide me in the right direction. The game of basketball has made me who I am today. Success comes with a lot of sacrifice. It’s missing out on the best episode of your favorite show because you have homework. It's missing out on your favorite meal because you’re on a strict diet. It’s being at your maximum capacity and doing one more rep. It’s writing down your daily goal on a piece of paper and smiling because at the end of the night, you smashed it! Success is a SACRIFICE.  Are you willing to sacrifice? Do you want to be successful?


"I believe there's a scholarship waiting for everyone!"

                                                                       Matee Ajavon