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                          AjavonElite Basketball Training Tour




                                          CHINA TO USA



     14 days of  training, competition, sight seeing, & attractions






                           Who is AjavonElite Training Tour?



Women’s basketball has continued to grow over the course of the years.  Many kids start their athletic journeys from the tender age of 3. It usually starts with a dream and escalates to reality overtime. This has been the story many pros including our founder and Ceo, Matee Ajavon. As a 10 year veteran of the WNBA and international play, Ajavon created AjavonElite Training tours as her way of allowing youth to have access to an experience of a lifetime. 


“I’ve been fortunate to play the game of basketball and travel the world for years! Starting a tour where kids can embrace new cultures, eat different foods, and learn different languages is something everyone should experience at some point in their lives! There’s a small percentage of athletes that become pros and who knows if they’ll ever have this opportunity again. So I encourage parents and kids to take advantage of this moment. For me, this means everything. “


                                                            -Matee Ajavon


AjavonElite Basketball Tour brings a band of young athletes together for a short period of time to compete against some of the best competitors outside the United States.  We like to emphasize the importance of team work, cultural diversity, & leadership skills. For most athletes that aren’t selected to play in the WNBA, their careers begin overseas. 



What to expect
















The cost of travel teams ranges from $6,000- USD depending on the length of the trip. There is a $500 deposit required with the submission of an athlete’s application, and an additional $500 required if the athlete is accepted for a travel team. This $1,000 deposit is non-refundable and is included in the total cost of the tour. If an athlete is not accepted, the initial $500 deposit will be refunded. The cost for the travel team includes: 


Round trip team airfare All ground transportation Lodging
Uniform/travel attire Training Camp
Game expenses 

Daily sightseeing activities 
Two meals/day
Travel Team manual/Travel Team backpack
Travel Team journal 

In-country coordinator/guide 

Begin the process of applying or renewing the athlete’s passport immediately after being accepted to a travel team if the athlete does not have a current/valid passport. 


Training camp is at the start of tour and will take place at a site near the departure city, prior to traveling overseas. Training camp is an opportunity for the team to practice and prepare for their time playing together overseas. 









You are invited you to join AjavonElite Basketball USA Tour 2019. Our tours are open to players ages 13-18 no matter the skill level. Our focus is to help players improve their skill level and created lasting experiences. 


·       WNBA & Ga Tech College Visit

·      Competition against USA Schools

·      Atlanta Hawks Camp

·      Six Flags Great Adventure

·      Team Uniforms & Gear

·      Tour Cost - $5,500 per person. Including travel, sightseeing, uniforms and game,  training, English tutor