AjavonElite International/ Domestic Team Tours







Atlanta Georgia is one of the most prolific places to visit! Come and enjoy intensive training, competitive games, sight seeing to a few main attractions, college visits and meet a few professional basketball players!



                                                                     What We Do


We welcome all countries and local cities to join us for an experience of a lifetime! Women’s basketball has continued to grow over the course of the years.  Many kids start their athletic journeys from the tender age of 3. It usually starts with a dream and escalates to reality overtime. This has been the story many pros including our founder and Ceo, Matee Ajavon. As a 10 year veteran of the WNBA and international play, Ajavon created AjavonElite Training tours as her way of allowing youth to have access to an experience of a lifetime. 


“I’ve been fortunate to play the game of basketball and travel the world for years! Starting a tour where kids can embrace new cultures, eat different foods, and learn different languages is something everyone should at some point in their lives! There’s a small percentage of women that become pros and who knows if we’ll every have this opportunity again. So I encourage parents and kids to take advantage of this moment. For me, this means everything. “


                                                                                                                               -Matee Ajavon






                                                                    Tour Benefits 


AjavonElite Basketball Tour brings a band of young athletes together for a short period of time to compete against some of the best competitors outside the United States. We like to emphasize the importance of team work, cultural diversity, & leadership skills. For most athletes that aren’t selected to play in the WNBA, their careers begin overseas. 








                                                                    Things To Do


-Georgia Aquarium 

-World Of Coca Cola

-WNBA Games + Meet & Greet

-Atlanta Hawks Jr. NBA Camp

-Six Flags Great Adventure

-Piedmont Park



                                                              Home Stay Sponsored by:

                                                          DribbleStays Accommadations 


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Accommodation for up to 2 teams

2 Master Bedrooms for chaperons

Game room

Free Wifi

12 seat theatre room

Workout Gym (bikes, free weights)

iPod Deck for music throughout home 


Office Space

Full court basketball court 


Pool in Complex







Rental included within budget



                                                                 AAU Teams


Are you in town for a tournament and want to stay in a comfortable home away from home minutes outside of the city? Well you’re in the right place! Click here to see pics now! 




                                               Benefits Of DribbleStays Accommodations


-Team bonding

-Ability to eat home cooked meals

-Spacious rooms for more than 1 team

-Walk through before games on outside court





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 ​                         *international Tour cost also include flight, accommodation, meals three times per day and transportation